SpeedyiTunes 2.6

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SpeedyiTunes used to be a download accelerator for iTunes content. Now, it has evolved and also sports many other features. The main feature continues to be the accelerator, though. I don't really know how it does it, but SpeedyiTunes will cut down the download time of movies, songs, etc to half. That is a considerable acceleration. It probably opens up more connections to a server, thus dividing the bandwidth and allowing for higher speeds. Who knows. As a part of a recent makeover, SpeedyiTunes now features flash-video download. It allows you to download a Youtube video, for example, to your computer and it adds it automatically to your iTunes library, with a single click. SpeedyiTunes allows you to save videos in many formats. Flash videos will be downloaded in .flv file extensions. You can later on do whatever you want with those videos. SpeedyiTunes now takes the name of SpeedyiTunes iTunes accelerator and Youtube downloader, but the program is the same. In short, if you have a slow connection or want to download at the best speed you can, you can give this a try. It also makes for a nice video downloading tool.

José Fernández
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